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Nominate a Lion Heart!

The ELJHS Lion Heart Award is presented each term to recognize students who have been exemplary students in their class, school, and community. To be selected to receive this honour, each nominee must demonstrate outstanding qualities in five different categories.

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Leads a volunteer effort in our community

Volunteers in our community on a regular basis

Has volunteered in our community



Takes on leadership role in school activities and/or sports

Regularly participates in school activities and/or sports

Has participated in school activities or sports

Home Room Citizenship

Takes on a leadership role in classroom activities and takes personal initiative within the classroom.

Almost always participates in classroom activities  and takes personal initiative within the classroom.

Often participates in classroom activities


Performs acts of kindness, and is a role model for respectful and inclusive behaviour.

Maintains positive relationships with peers and staff, and exhibits respectful and courteous behaviour.

Maintains working relationships with most peers and staff.


Engages enthusiastically in all parts of their day and sees problems as opportunities.

Has a positive outlook most of the time and responds appropriately to problems.

Takes responsibility for their actions but has had lapses in judgement.


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