School Fees


ÉLJHS does not charge any general school fees. Lockers, locks, chromebooks and textbooks are provided to students free of charge. Students agree to assume responsibility for the loss or damage of any textbook or chromebook issued to them.  They further agree to pay for any lost or damaged books or assigned chromebook. All fees assessed for each student are based on specific educational choices beyond a basic education. There are three types of fees at our school:

  1. Complementary Course Fees. Some of our courses require fees ($5-20) to purchase project materials or pay for transportation for field trips.
  2. Field Trip Fees. Fees are collected to pay for transportation and admission for various field trips. When possible, these are included in a complementary course’s fees.
  3. Extracurricular Fees. These payments cover transportation and equipment costs for our various athletic teams.

Fees do not include the provision of pencils, pens, erasers, scribblers, loose-leaf paper, etc. For your convenience, school related expenses can be paid online using the Parent Portal.