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Mrs. Stewart and Ms. Steffie - SSW

The Social Work/Family School Liaison Program offers support services, and acts as a resource to families and individuals who may be experiencing difficulties at home or at school.  

What is a School Social Worker or a Family School Liaison Worker?

The School Social Workers (SSW) and Family School Liaison Workers (FSLW) are available to enhance the development of a student's educational, social, emotional and behavioral experiences.  The School Social Workers and Family School Liaison Workers are able to provide assistance to students on an individual basis and may also facilitate group/classroom sessions dependent on the needs in the individual schools.  The School Social Workers and Family School Liaison Workers are a link to a variety of community agencies and advocate effectively in support of students and their families.

The goal of the School Social Worker and Family School Liaison staff is to ensure that:

  • Families and students have effective Life Skills
  • Families are connected to their schools and their community
  • Collaboration with community agencies will enhance the well being of students and their families

Some of the concerns that SWs and FSLWs can help with are:

  • School-based concerns (e.g., motivation, classroom and playground concerns, school transitions, attention difficulties, etc.)
  • Emotional concerns (e.g., anger, conflicts, self-esteem, worry, grief, sadness, etc.)
  • Social concerns (e.g., peer conflicts, relationship concerns, friendship issues, etc.)
  • Family concerns (e.g., separation/divorce, sibling conflicts, parenting strategies, lack of resources, home-school communication, etc.)
  • Behavioral issues (e.g., safety issues, bullying, defiance, etc.)
  • Other (e.g., physical/health related issues, pregnancy, alcohol/drug misuse, basic needs resourcing, advocacy, etc.)

Referrals can be made by:

  • Family Members
  • School Staff
  • Students themselves
  • Peers


Contact our SSW:  Please contact the office or Mrs. Stewart or Ms. Steffie directly if you would like your child to come down and talk.  A consent form is required after the initial visit.  

Call: 403-782-6702 



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