Regular COVID-19 Protocols in Place

Please use the self screening questionnaire daily to determine if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Self Screening Questionnaire

Physical Education


Students participate in physical education every second day. Our program features a variety of team sports, individual sports, track and field, fitness, swimming, archery, cross country skiing.

Our entire school participates in a yearly ski trip to Canyon Ski Resort. 

In the best interests of health and safety, students are required to change into appropriate clothing for physical education activities.  Valuables should be locked in lockers for safe-keeping.  Students excused for more than 3 days may be required to bring a Doctor’s  note.


Physical Education at ELJHS is graded according to a letter scale:

“E” (Excellent) consistently applies required skills and concepts independently.
“P” (Proficient) frequently applies required skills and concepts independently.
“S” (Satisfactory) applies required skills and concepts with assistance.
“L” (Limited) inconsistently applies required skills and concepts.