Extracurricular and Clubs

Teams and Clubs

Students and teachers meet during tutorials, at lunch, or after school to explore enriched learning opportunities beyond the curriculum, allowing students to form bonds with peers who share similar interests. We have lots of interesting clubs and each year we form new clubs based on student interest. If you are interested in starting a club, talk to your teachers.

Drama Club

Reach for the Top

School Band

Tech Team

School Leadership

House Leadership

Health Champions

Library Page Program

Breakfast Club

Garden Club


Yearbook Club

Our school offers a wide array of athletic opportunities for students in both the Wolf Creek and Red Deer Junior High Leagues. Our gymnasium is open at 8:25 for student use. At lunch we offer a variety of recreational intramural sports that involve competition between houses in a given grade. After each sport, the Cranna Cup is awarded to the winning house. Our school offers the following sports at a varsity level this year:

Fall Term

Winter Term

Spring Term

Cross Country






Track and Field