Students participate in a health class every second day. During this class they will learn about the personal health and life skills. Human sexuality education is taught as one unit of this course.  Under section 50.1 of the School Act, parents must be provided with notice where courses of study, educational
programs or instructional materials, or instruction or exercises, include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality. Where a parent makes a written request, a student shall be exempt, without academic penalty, from such instruction, course of study, educational program or use of instructional material.

Another component of our health class is Daily Physical Activity. Daily physical activity in our student's schedule can include gym time, walking, classroom activities, lunch hour activities and an increased awareness of the benefits of being physically active.


Health at ELJHS is graded according to a letter scale:

“E” (Excellent) consistently applies required skills and concepts independently.
“P” (Proficient) frequently applies required skills and concepts independently.
“S” (Satisfactory) applies required skills and concepts with assistance.
“L” (Limited) inconsistently applies required skills and concepts.