Chaperones for Field Trips

We wish to thank family and community member who wish to volunteer their time to help at our school.  In accordance with Admin Procedure 490, all chaperones must fill out the following forms: 

 All volunteers at École Lacombe Junior High School are required to

  1. submit a ELJHS Volunteer form
  2. submit a criminal record check with vulnerable sector check. Volunteers can drop off the letter from the volunteer form (above) at local police stations or can apply online at mybackcheck.com.


Administrative Procedure 490



Administrative Directive


The Division acknowledges that school volunteers, through their donation of time and talent, provide a valuable contribution to the successful operation of a school. These individuals offer important opportunities for the enrichment of the school experiences of both students and staff as well as a sense of personal fulfillment as a result of their involvement in the life of the school. The Division will strive to promote an environment within schools which welcomes volunteers, provides them with meaningful work and which shows appreciation for their efforts.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, consistent with the Division’s philosophy of site-based decision-making, the Principal, in his or her sole discretion, which shall not be subject to appeal, may choose not to make use of any person as a volunteer, or remove any volunteer from the school if the Principal considers it advisable.



  1. The school shall ensure that:
    1. An atmosphere exists which is conducive to the involvement of volunteers;
    2. Adequate resources and support are allocated for the operation of a school volunteer program; and
    3. Active support is shown by staff and students toward the work of volunteers.
    4. Only responsible adults are assigned as volunteer coaches and supervisors for extracurricular activities and student coaches are used only in situations where there is responsible adult supervision, because they may have a direct ‘duty of care’ over students on their teams.
    5. Parents are informed of all instances where a volunteer will be serving without the supervision/assistance of a teacher.
  2. The Principal or designate will ensure:
    1. Volunteers possess personal qualities and skills appropriate to working within a school setting;
    2. An ongoing matching function occurs between expressed school needs and the demonstrated interests and talents of volunteers.
    3. Volunteers are involved in ways which allow them to feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment;
    4. Volunteers receive an orientation to the school, to the chosen or assigned work station and/or work activity, and to relevant division and school policies; and
    5. Volunteers receive supervisory direction in their work and feedback concerning work performed and recognition for service provided.
    6. Risk management procedures are implemented, appropriate to the levels of unsupervised time the volunteer interacts with students, to ensure student safety.
  3. Staff members will:
    1. Identify and communicate needs which could be met through assistance offered by a volunteer.
    2. Provide orientation, training and ongoing supervision to the volunteer who will assist the staff member; and
    3. Demonstrate appreciation for and provide feedback concerning the work undertaken by the volunteer.
  4. School volunteers:
    1. Must abide by applicable division/school policies, procedures and rules;
    2. Must hold in confidence all matters connected with and information gained from volunteer activity at a school;
    3. Must accept and respect the exercise of professional judgment, supervision and decision making by staff members and school administrators; and
    4. May be required to provide a Declaration form (Form 260D - attached) prior to participating in any school events as a volunteer. All coaches and other volunteers who have a ‘duty of care’ regarding students will be required to complete the Declaration form as well as a School Volunteer Identification and Acknowledgement form (Form 260E – attached).


Reference: Section 20, 27, 60, School Act

Adopted: August 2004

Revised: October 2008

August 2009

Wolf Creek Public Schools Administrative Procedures Manual