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Staff Directory & Pictures

Staff Directory


*Staff Photo gallery at the bottom of this page 

Matthie, James - Principal www.matthie.ca 
McDonald, Janice - Assistant Principal
Wagar, Shawn - Assistant Principal


Ashton, Hope- English, Social Studies
Dolezal, Chris - Math, Science  
Elliott, Riley - Math, Science
Gascoyne, James- English, Science
Gratton, Penny - Math, Science  
Hiebert, Sonia - English, French, Etudes-Sociales 
Jean-Baptiste, Carole - English, French, Social Studies
Jeffries, Amanda - English, Social Studies 
Lesyk, Samantha - Math, Science
Malech, Kimberly - English (Google Classroom)
Marchand, Dan  - Science, Math
Marek, Sandy - English, Social Studies  sites.google.com/a/wolfcreek.ab.ca/marek
Mason, Jeff - English, Social Studies

  McLaughlin, Mairead (Flex, InReach)

Newman, Nakita - Math, Science
Nimchuk, Sasha, English, Social Studies
Pall, Leland - Physical Education 
Pierson, Doug - English, Social Studies, Art 
Richter, Amy - English, Social Studies 
Riddle, Scott - Math, Science  themrriddle.weebly.com/ 
Rudnick, Cody - Math, Science, Industrial Arts 
Warner, Karol - English, Social Studies, Foods 
Wells, Jandra - Physical Education 
Winsnes, Hannah- English, Social Studies, Flex Block mrswinsnes.weebly.com/ 


Librarian/Administrative Assistant:
Bluett, Anita


Administrative Assistant:
Wisser, Karen


School Social Worker:
Stewart, Carol  carol.stewart@wolfcreek.ab.ca
Educational Assistants:
Dolezal, Michelle
Ferguson, Alison
Jackson, Aileen
Phillips, Ashley 
Smith, Rebecca


Malthus, Steven
Campbell, Wanda