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Elective Course Selection

On November 26 and 27 students will rank their preferred elective courses. ELJHS features a wide variety of Fine Arts, Career and Technology Studies, Athletic, and Academic elective courses. Parents are encouraged to read the course list with their children before they rank their selections. Parents are also welcome to rank the courses with their children if they would like to have direct input into their child's complementary courses. 

Each student is enrolled in two complementary courses in each term. Students in French Immersion are automatically enrolled in French Language Arts and they are given priority placement for a single complementary course. 

The complementary course selection process allows each student to rank the available courses. Students must pay careful attention to all of their choices because they may not be enrolled in their top selections. Student placement is based on a random order which changes for each term, increasing a student’s chance of enrolling in the most popular courses. After ranking their top choices, students are given the option to exclude a course that they do not want to be enrolled in next year. Students are typically placed in one of their top three choices depending on the popularity of the course. Students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and explore a learning opportunity that might be new or different for them. 

While our school does not charge any general school fees, most complementary courses require a small fee. Complementary course fees are payable in the first month of each new term.

Grade 7 Ranking Form

Grade 8 Ranking Form

Grade 9 Ranking Form

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