School News

School Rebranding

The ELJHS Branding Committee has met and selected two logos as finalists. They would like all students and staff to provide feedback about the logos. Please click on the link to provide your opinion.

Our current moniker is LASERS

Our current logo is at the top of this page. 

The current Laser moniker does not meet the school’s needs because:

1. It is difficult to represent in a logo. Our existing logo is an image of the school building.
2. It is too abstract.
3. It is difficult to represent as a mascot. 
4. Few students collectively identify with it.
5. It is not inspiring.

In choosing to replace the existing moniker, the committee considered the following five priorities:

1. Effectively marketing our school to students
2. Linking our school to Lacombe history
3. Providing students with a collective identity
4. Promoting a sense of school spirit and pride
5. Providing a potential mascot

The committee selected LIONS as our new school moniker. This moniker was chosen because:

1. Lions are social animals that work together to survive.
2. Lions are strong and courageous leaders of their environment. 
3. It is easily represented by a mascot and should be popular with new students. 
4. The site of our school is nearby the old Lions Ball Diamond. 
5. It can be used to generate school spirit and "Lion Pride". Are you ready to roar?

The Committee decided that either an African Lion or a Mountain Lion would be an acceptable representation for our new logo. Now, they are asking interested staff and students to submit their design for a new logo. Our new logo:

-Must feature a lion.
-Must be original work.
-May feature a maned african lion or a mountain lion.
-Must use school colours of Navy Blue and Grey
-May use additional Blue shades, White, Black
-Must be simple and clean.
-Should look fierce and not friendly.
-Should include a lion’s face and/or teeth.
-May include mountains. May include school roof peaks.
-If submitted digitally, should be at a high resolution.